Friday, 23 March 2012

The Orlov diamond - 1747AD stolen from srirangam

so many people ask me about what happened to the gold and richness of Srirangam perumal once bestowed by our great kings... now this is the answer.... This is only one of the story known today... many a things have vanished .. and how much more the muslims would have taken away... 

The Orlov diamond 189.62 carats (37.924 g), is a large diamond that is part of the collection of the Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin. The origin of this resplendent relic – described as having the shape and proportions of half a hen's egg. This diamond and a similar gem served as the eyes of the deity in the temple. Legends hold that a French soldier who had deserted during theCarnatic wars in Srirangam disguised himself as a Hindu convert and stole it during 1747.

Compare this with Koh-i-Noor diamond which is half this perumal's diamond.size!!! (105 carats (21.6grms)
this, as written would have another set of diamond adorned the eye of perumal moolavar... I feel lot and lot of things would have been hidden by our people from plunderers and as the age progresses would have forgotten it 


  1. My God! Like they say, history is written by the victors. Nobody is going to write about the loots as much as they pride in writing about their conquests. Very enlightening!

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